Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bacon, cheese and tomato...

In anticipation of Rain Shadow Meats and the Calf and Kid opening very very soon, we are starting to think about food here at Marigold and Mint. I'm still waiting for produce to come off the farm -- radishes in May! -- but this week we are going to start selling tomato plants. My brother Carson has been growning them in his greenhouse. Roma and a handful of heirloom varieties. Take a look:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

shop opens!

Even with the saws still buzzing, we moved into the Melrose Market last week! Our tiny flower shop is the first to open in the market, soon to be followed by Rainshadow Meats, the Calf and Kid, Sitka and Spruce and Homegrown. It was a little dusty, a littly noisy, but with all of the hyacinth and heirloom daffodils, it was a lot fragrant. More pictures soon!